We Build to Provide and Endure

 Vance Lancaster and Jordan Burns opted for a career in construction as carpenters. Out of high school they went to work for a neighborhood acquaintance and quickly excelled at learning the trade. They then spent a brief but impressionable stint in the roofing trade doing large public works and private projects for a local contractor. This is where they gained confidence and experience outside of residential construction.

While traveling to the far reaches of California, they discussed the idea of returning to their roots in Framing. In 1992 they bid and won framing contracts on 2 homes in Auburn, hired 2 employees, and Lancaster-Burns Construction was officially in business!

Although it was a meager beginning their vision was to build a company unlike any other in the industry. One that would not only provide the highest quality workmanship to their client, but one that would offer benefits and retirement to the employees.

Starting at Vance’s house and quickly moving the operation to the first office next to the Mini Mart in Rocklin, they continued pursuing their goal of persistent growth. Through the late 90’s and early 2000’s they moved from office to office, doubling the amount of square feet required to house the growing fleet and workforce.

While their immediate focus was on rough carpentry the vision was always to expand into other trades and markets. Driven by customer demand for quality products and services in other trades, in 2004 they started the metal stud and drywall division.

In 2005 recognizing the need to house the growing company, LB built its first 16,000 SF office in Rocklin, CA. Shortly after moving in, the structural steel division was added and LB was now ‘3 trades under one roof’.

A major change occurred in 2006 at LB Construction, employees became ‘Employee Owners’ when the Company adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the Company became 100% employee owned.

Recognizing an opportunity to grow its client base, LB obtained its contractors licenses in both Oregon and Nevada in 2007. It was soon discovered that even 16,000 SF was not enough to house the growing company, and in 2008 they purchased the property in Roseville, CA that is now LB’s corporate office, which boasts a 10 acre site and a 50,000 SqFt production facility.

Continued focus on growth and service led to adding the concrete division in 2015, and low and behold we are now ‘4 trades under one roof’!

An exciting change happened in early 2023 as LB’s leadership transitioned to Kimberly Cook as President and Francisco Lopez as Vice President.

Kimberly and Francisco worked alongside Jordan Burns and Vance Lancaster for several years in preparation for this transition. Vance and Jordy are very excited and proud to say that “the day has come for LB to announce that the second generation of leadership has taken our place and the original founders will step into new roles as we head closer to retirement.” Jordy Burns and Vance Lancaster continue their roles on the board of directors and maintain positions within the company focusing on business development, training and mentoring the leadership team.

Kimberly has nearly two decades of construction industry experience and has been with LB Construction, Inc since 2010. Kimberly enjoys the challenges that construction brings and is always looking towards the future in order to offer the best customer service to our clients. She has been working closely with Jordy for the past several years, in preparation for this transition and what it means to lead LB into the future. “I’m honored and incredibly excited for this opportunity to build on such a strong legacy of an amazing enterprise that started 30 years ago out of a garage to something our employee owners can continue to take great pride in being part of.” She is the 3rd generation of her family in construction, giving her a keen understanding of our unique industry.

Francisco Lopez has been with LB Construction, Inc since 2002. He has worked in a variety of positions and has continued to prove his leadership skills throughout his career with LB. He has held the role of Vice President of Operations since 2019, working closely with Vance in preparation for this transition. He takes pride in instilling confidence with our clients regarding his commitment to meeting their expectations and he brings passion and a sense of ownership to everything he does.

As always LB is committed to its purpose, building to provide and endure, whether that be for its employees or its clients!