Four Trades Under One Roof

A Subcontractor’s One-Stop Shop of Empowered Employees

by Steve Freeman

Relationships and accountability might not be common terms on the construction jobsite, but Lancaster Burns Construction, Inc. was built on them.

From the company’s founding nearly 25 years ago by two high school graduates, then growth into a four-trade shop and transition into an employee-owned business (along with the adoption of “Safety Sam” as a mascot), Lancaster Burns Construction (LB) continues to run on the same personal values forged at its start.

This multi-trade subcontractor offers services of wood and steel framing, drywall installation and concrete foundation work.

Its customers are contractors building retail, warehouse and office buildings, schools and churches as well as multifamily and assisted living structures.

Vance Lancaster, Vice President, and Jordan Burns, President, founded the company fresh out of high school. The two guys needed jobs and saw opportunities in the building trades.

Today, the men oversee a 430-person company from their headquarters in Roseville, California.
While any given construction project could have 26 or more subcontracted trades, it is rare for a single subcontractor to specialize in more than one or two. But for LB, broadening its scope to include four trades was less about strategic vision and more about
common sense.

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