ESOP logoWe take PRIDE in ownership.

In 2006, LB Construction, Inc. became a 100% employee owned company with the goal of ensuring LB Construction, Inc. would be able to fulfill its’ purpose, ‘We build to provide and endure.”

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) gives our employees a stake in the growth and prosperity of LB Construction Inc. The harder we work, the better our company performs and better company performance benefits us all!

Our employee owners’ dedication to quality construction and teamwork is what drives our success.

Why did we become an ESOP? To create a stock based employee benefit that is directly related to the success of the company. Employees gain ownership without any investment of their own funds. As the company grows in value, ESOP shares grow in value based on an independent appraisal of fair market value. As an employee owner, you have the satisfaction of knowing that all of your efforts and hard work can help build your retirement and grow your net worth.

Our ESOP committee works hard to educate our employee owners on what an ESOP is and what it means to be an employee owner. The committee prides itself on cultivating an atmosphere of teambuilding and community outreach.