Out in the Community

As an Employee Owned company we understand the importance of supporting the communities in which we work. We participate in multiple charity events throughout the year which are picked by our Employee Owners so we can ensure we are supporting the causes that mean something to our team.

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Bridging the gap


Hire from within
  • To encourage our Employee Owner culture, we have developed a ‘hire from within’ program. ‘Hire from Within’ simply means that when we have an opening for a position, we always look internally first to fill it. We have talented employees with a lot of potential so if we have an open position available we will try to identify a current employee owner who may be a good fit. Then, we provide the training, mentoring, and support they need to ensure they are successful in their new position!
Building our Bench with the next generation
  • Creating a strong bench of candidates for employment starts with supporting the programs and teachers that get students ‘job ready’. Part of our strategic plan is to partner with educational institutions to identify potential candidates and support the programs that help prepare them for success.

We have a great relationship with our local community colleges and school districts. We support their programs by donating materials to their classes, sitting on their advisory committees, and offering internships and careers to their students. Partnering with the people who create the curriculum for the students we are looking to hire benefits everyone involved. Students get the skills employers are looking for that will ensure they can find a job upon graduation, and our industry gets candidates that have the basic skills we look for in new hires.