Water Jet

Our waterjet is a Flow Mach 4C WaterJet with a 5-axis cutting head capable of cutting up to a 60° bevel – which is the most versatile cutting head available today.

Our table is 15’-11” x 9’-6” and has a cutting envelope of 13’-1” x 6’-6”, and can cut material up to 12” thick.

In addition to steel and stainless, our waterjet can cut nearly any other material one can imagine – from flat slabs of granite, plastic, or wood, to 3-dimensional materials like wide flange beams, tube steel, and channel.

Our eye for design and aesthetics together with our long history in the construction industry has allowed us to employ our waterjet in the cutting of small-scale custom art pieces as well as the mass-production of structural building components.

We have successfully designed and cut intricate granite signage, customized I-beam tracks for designer interior barn doors, powder coated aluminum art pieces and complicated machine sprocket systems that included components with a press-fit tolerance.

Contact us to inquire about our additional services, and let us help you design a custom project. We can also manufacture your precision parts or be a part of your next large scale architectural/structural project!

B St Theatre Signage

Out of Bounds Brewery Signage


WaterJet Capabilities
Flow Mach 4C WaterJet
Cutting Action Water up to 90,000 PSI and Garnet abrasive material
Cutting Axis 5-axis head
Material Types/Shapes Mild Steel

Stainless Steel



Hard wood



Wide flange beams


Material Specs Cuts up to 12” thick material
Typical Projects Architectural decorative panels

Stair guardrail panels

High-volume parts production

Custom art pieces, designed in conjunction with the client

by our in-house art & design staff

Lead Time (general) Depending on the project, as soon as 1 to 2 weeks
Edge/Cut Quality Varies on cut speed
Kerf Width .035”
Cutting table dimensions 13’-1” x 6’-6”
Tolerance +/- .001”